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BRIEFLY : Webb Awaits Arbitration Date

October 11, 1985|DAVID MORGAN | Sports Digest was compiled by David Morgan

Bill Webb, the former Cal State Northridge track coach whose contract was not renewed after the 1985 season, has won the right to have his grievance against the university heard by an arbitrator.

According to state rules, the grievance may be heard within 60 days of the day on which arbitration was requested. Webb made the request Sept. 19.

His date in court, however, may not come until the first week of February, according to Paul Worthman, a representative of the California Faculty Assn.

"It is supposed to be heard within 60 days if an arbitrator is available," Worthman said. "If one is not available, then it is heard by the first arbitrator that becomes available. The scheduling is done by mutual agreement."

Worthman said Webb hopes the case will be moved to the first week of December.

Webb, 35, led CSUN to national top-10 finishes in Division II track in each of his seven seasons as head coach. On April 29, he was informed by Lennin Glass, dean of the School of Communications, that he would not be rehired.

Contracts for coaches at CSUN are renewed annually. After learning he would not be rehired after the 1981 season, Webb won an appeal and was reinstated as track coach.

He hopes to win a similar decision this time. Lee Howard Greene, Webb's attorney, said his client will seek reinstatement and recovery of lost wages at the arbitration hearing.

Webb is also attempting to learn the reasons behind his dismissal. No reason has been given by CSUN officials, Webb and Greene said.

"I'm looking forward to having an objective look at the situation," Webb said. "When that happens, I'm sure my position will speak for itself."

CSUN maintains that it is not required to disclose the reasons behind its decision not to renew Webb's contract, according to Worthman.

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