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Call for Househusbands

October 13, 1985

I am doing research for a book about househusbands. The book will examine what life is like for men who decide to give up their jobs to stay home and care for their preschool children.

I am seeking information about the number and age of children, family income level, support (or lack of support) from relatives and friends, and motivation for becoming a househusband.

I have developed a questionnaire. Further research will be gathered from telephone interviews.

I'd like to hear from househusbands willing to fill out my questionnaire. In addition to men who have given up full-time work, I'd also like to hear from men who have substantially reduced their working hours because of their children, or who are self-employed at home with young children. The important criteria are that:

1) the man is at home by choice rather than because of unemployment or disability, and

2) he is staying at home to allow him to care for his young child(ren).


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