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The Week

October 13, 1985|ELLEN MELINKOFF

Oct. 15, 1922

"The famous Wolfskill Ranch, one of the largest pieces of undeveloped property between Los Angeles and the ocean, a tract--part of an old Spanish land grant--comprising 3,300 acres, has been taken over by the Janss Investment Co. and will be subdivided into home sites," a news report read.

The Westside was aborning. The rancho ran from the Los Angeles Country Club to the Soldier's Home at Sawtelle (then a town, not just a street) and south to Pico. The price: $7,000,000.

"Outstanding in the street construction program will be the establishment of an entirely new boulevard paralleling Santa Monica Boulevard and extending through the entire tract. The boulevard will be on the east side of the Pacific Electric tracks and will have the effect of doubling Santa Monica Boulevard in width."

Wilshire was soon widened from 100 to 232 feet.

Oct. 16, 1942

"Dimout Do's and Don'ts" were a regular front-page item during World War II. From 1942:

"DON'T forget, all outdoor lighted signs are barred. Interior signs must be shielded level with the bottom light bulb or neon or fluorescent tube. . . .

"DON'T forget that skylights must be covered. NO LIGHTS MUST SHINE UPWARD. . . .

"DON'T forget that there are special restrictions for areas visible from the sea, requiring dimmed headlights on cars. . . .

"DON'T wait for a police officer to inform you of your dimout violation."

Only Yesterday

Twenty-five years ago this week, Friday night television was a choice among "Route 66," "77 Sunset Strip" and the fourth Great Debate between Nixon and Kennedy . . . The movie "Spartacus" premiered at the Pantages and the play "The Threepenny Opera" at the Music Box . . . "The Chapman Report" and "Born Free" topped Southern California best-seller lists . . . A 19-inch black-and- white portable TV sold for $128.88 . . . An English country cottage in Sherman Oaks was selling for $33,500--south of the boulevard, yet!


Monday is the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps . . . Tuesday is National Grouch Day . . . Lenny Bruce would have been 60 today . . . The U.S. Navy was established on Oct. 13, 1775 . . . Friday is Martina Navratilova's birthday--she'll be 29 years old . . . Wednesday is National Boss Day . . . Amy Carter will turn 18 on Saturday.


The Santa Barbara Sand Castle Building and Sculpture Contest begins at noon today at East Beach; (805) 963-0611, Ext. 375 . . . Julian fetes its fall apple crop every weekend in October at the Fall Harvest Festival; (619) 765-1857 . . . If mere tractor racing isn't enough, try mud surfing--invented by the people of Temecula to liven up next weekend's Ninth Annual Great Temecula Tractor Race; (714) 676-4718 . . . Twentynine Palms Pioneer Days, Oct. 17-20; (619) 367-3445.

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