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What Feminism Does and Doesn't Mean

October 13, 1985

In the article about the two organizations against the equal rights amendment were stated some misconceptions of the liberated female. In general, I had the distinct feeling that these two organizations believe all feminists want:

1--To be treated better than men.

2--To destroy the family unit.

3--Abort all babies not yet born.

4--Make homosexuality the norm instead of the unusual.

Most women who consider themselves feminists do not want any of the above-mentioned items. The extremism of the early days in the women's movement is no longer necessary.

Women today are very close to the best of all worlds. We have so many choices. Men today don't have all the choices women do. There are still prejudices. Those may take many generations to eradicate.

The whole point of this letter is that those two organizations should slow down just long enough to examine what they are fighting for and against.

Following is a small list of what I perceive feminists do want:

1--To be treated equally to a man--legally and morally.

2--To not destroy the family unit but maintain a respected role within it.

We are, by the grace of God, in America. All of us are free to speak our opinion. My only request is to please get the facts right before deciding to condemn something or someone else.


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