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Morning Briefing

He Gets No Kicks Out of the Music

October 13, 1985

Placekicker John Womack of Glassboro State may be the oldest player in college football at 33, but his teammates have made him feel like one of the guys.

Sure, they have nicknamed him "George," a reference to George Blanda, who kicked for the Oakland Raiders until he was 48, but Womack says he feels no different--on the field.

Off the field, he admits there is a generation gap. Womack said his younger teammates have invited him to their parties, but he has declined.

"I think the biggest difference I've noticed between us is the music," Womack said. "I really don't like their music."

Azumah Nelson, the World Boxing Council featherweight champion, was upset at promoters in Birmingham, England before Saturday's fight with Englishman Pat Cowdell.

"We have had to train cold at ungodly hours, and Cowdell is going to pay for it," said Carl King, Nelson's manager.

"I will win in two," the 27-year-old Nelson said.

Nelson was angrier than he thought. He knocked out Cowdell at 2:24 of the first round.

Ski swap: Polish skiers Dorota and Malgorzata Tlalka, twin sisters, were married Saturday at Grenoble, France, to French brothers, which should allow the sisters to compete for France on the World Cup circuit.

Dorota and Malgorzata, 22, were married to sportswriter Christian Mogore and professional cyclist Christophe Mogore, respectively.

"It takes at least six months to become a naturalized citizen, and I think Dorota and Malgorzata should be able to ski for the French team next season with no problem," said Christian Mogore, who covers the ski circuit for a French newspaper.

Coach Hubie Brown of the New York Knicks says rookie center Patrick Ewing learned a lesson when he was ejected from an exhibition game by referee Bennett Salvatore.

Brown: "He now knows what words he can't say in the NBA."

Former baseball star Joe Morgan, who owns a vacation home in Squaw Valley, said he tried skiing for the first time last winter.

Said Morgan: "It's the most fun I ever had, even better than hitting a home run."


Tulane football Coach Mack Brown, on how he's preparing the Green Wave for being the visiting team in Homecoming games in its next three road games: "We've started working on our float."

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