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Bombing in Orange County

October 18, 1985

Recently there has been a tidal wave of terrorism in the Middle East. Last week this terrorism hit Orange County with the bombing of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee's (ADC) West Coast office, killing the ADC regional coordinator, Alex Odeh.

As a member of the ADC, I was horrified with disbelief when I learned of the bombing and Odeh's murder.

The purpose of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee is written in its name, to fight racism directed against Arabs.

The ADC has no ties with the Palestine Liberation Organization or Yasser Arafat. The ADC's membership includes those Americans of Arab descent, Arab immigrants, and other interested Americans.

This tragedy has brought the experience of a terrorist act into my life now. I could have been at the ADC's office that day that Alex was killed. I could've been killed, too.

All we at the ADC want is to be proud of our heritage. I want to be proud that I am an Arab. I don't want to be afraid to say that I'm an Arab. But, I am afraid. Look what happened to Alex Odeh.


Santa Ana

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