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High School Notebook

October 18, 1985|GORDON MONSON | Times Staff Writer

In the Pac 8 League, Reseda Coach Joel Schaeffer's reputation precedes him.

Poly Coach Dick Windham described Schaeffer as a "loud, rusty SOB. He's a bleeping bully. When he was in grammar school, he probably had his own drinking fountain."

Windham is miffed, no doubt, because before his game against Reseda last week, Schaeffer gave him films of the Regents, but footage of all the touchdowns were taken out.

"We got the films," Windham said. "And all the scoring was edited out. He's a dirty SOB."

Reseda beat Poly, 27-24.

FOR THE RECORD - Sorry, Coach
Los Angeles Times Friday November 15, 1985 Valley Edition Sports Part 3 Page 20 Zones Desk Type of Material: Correction ^H
It shouldn't have happened.
We said in this space on Oct. 18 that Joel Schaeffer, the football coach at Reseda High School, had snipped his team's scoring plays out of game films he exchanged with Poly High School before a game between the two schools.
We were wrong. Both coaches agree that no game films were even exchanged.
The item also quoted Coach Dick Windham of Poly as making derogatory remarks about Schaeffer, calling him an "SOB."
Windham, in a memo to other Valley coaches, has since denied even making the statements. Our reporter on the scene says otherwise. But in any event cheap shots like that don't deserve to be passed on without any facts to back them up.
As a matter of fact, Schaeffer is a former president of the Los Angeles Coaches Assn. who, according to Reseda Vice Principal Dee Vadetsky, is a successful, respected coach held in high regard by his students and other teachers.

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