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The Joy and the Dismay of Discovering Spiders

October 19, 1985

Your most delightful editorial (Oct. 6) in a long time was that about the spider, along with its illustration. It's like a garden spider I have, but mine, too, has disappeared, and probably for the same reason!

I didn't know I had her; maybe she had just moved in when a neighbor called to me excitedly to say I had a big spider crawling up my wall, headed for the kitchen window.

I went outside and there she was. I gently urged her into the flower bed by fanning her lightly with my Times, which I had been reading when called.

This was in early evening. Next morning when I went outside, I found she had woven her web across the steps, and there she sat blocking my exit.

It was necessary to move her again, and this time she got the message! Next morning I found her beautiful intricate web stretched from one palm fern frond to another, she sitting regally at its center awaiting her prey.

She looked exactly like the picture accompanying your editorial! Thank you for recognizing the beautiful things in nature--and writing about them--things that for a short time can make us forget the many sordid stories that make up the bulk of what we see and hear.

She's a beautiful lady, the garden spider! Long may she live in her glorious web, a shining example of diligence, patience, and a creator of beauty in nature.


Long Beach

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