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Marine Color Guard at Burial of Fetuses

October 19, 1985

Cartoonist Paul Conrad's latest foray into religious symbolism (Oct. 8) shows a large coffin in the form of a cross with the legend, "At last, 16,000 fetuses rest in peace."

He is referring to a stunt burial organized by Americans Committed to Loving the Unwanted. And guess whose initials (ACLU) they have appropriated? The American Civil Liberties Union, that's who.

Incidentally, this outfit invited a Marine Corps color guard--under false pretense, according to the Marines--to participate in the event.

All of which raises the question: How does Conrad know which of these 16,000 fetuses were Christian, if any, and which were Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Taoist, agnostic, or atheist?

Up to now the big theologic-biologic question has been: "When does life begin?" Now, according to Conrad, the question seems to have shifted to: "At what point does church affiliation begin?"

Further, if the 16,000 are not provable "Christians," has Conrad or the born-again ACLU resorted to forced conversions--without (presumably) the consent of the fetuses involved?



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