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Ugly, Part Ii

October 20, 1985

As a subscriber to two series at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, I would like to offer some thoughts, complaints and quibbles on Dan Sullivan's own ("L.A. Theatre Center: Notes and Quibbles," Oct. 6).

I have seen "Three Sisters" and "Fool for Love." Both were bad: the first a bad production of a great play; the second a terrible production (truly bad acting and direction) of a very mediocre play. And I am a Sam Shepard fan. Bad productions are to be expected and it causes me no worry.

However, the theater does.

Let's face it . . . it's ugly. And it's cold !

Not only does the curving staircase not work architecturally in that space, it is ungainly unto itself. Gray-and-white may be last year's chic industrial look, but it certainly does not lend itself to a feeling of celebration or excitement. It reminds one of a bus depot in Des Moines.

To give due credit: The free parking is wonderful.


Studio City

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