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Kbig Brother?

October 20, 1985

I take great exception to the implications of your Calendar article on KBIG and Bill Ratner ("Uneasiness Over the Easy Listening at KBIG," by John Horn, Oct. 6).

The specter of a Mormon Big Brother dictating programming on the station is pure fantasy. Having spent my life in broadcasting, I couldn't work for the company you describe, and I've been with the station seven years. I am not a Mormon.

The restrictions placed on Bill Ratner's presentation were based on format considerations and good taste in the marketplace. They reflect the quality of programming and audience ratings successes we've maintained for 10 years.

For your information, KBIG ranks in the top six AFTRA stations for salaries paid to performers and we are competitive despite format limitations on the amount of commercial time allowed on an easy-listening station.


Vice President/Programming


Los Angeles

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