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Pornography: Social Carcinogen

October 21, 1985

I am always amazed at how one can distort facts in order to support ideology. In Lederer's case, it's feminist ideology--specifically her use of Dr. Ann Burgess' limited study of men convicted of sexually oriented crimes.

This study serves to show what most authorities agree upon: That the prisons are full for one overwhelming reason--child abuse.

To overlook this root cause of violent crime in order to sell the public on anti-pornography is ridiculous. Feminists and the public in general would be better served by attacking the problem of child abuse and its relationships to violent behavior in adults--whether this violence be sexual attacks against women or strong-armed robbery.

Whether or not violent people use pornography is not the issue. The issue is violence and how it can be eradicated or prevented. Child abuse seems to be the direct cause of the violent behavior.

Feminists who are really concerned about sexual violence against women, should unite with most authorities on the subject, attack this root problem and give up the headline-grabbing of the anti-pornography brigade.

It's ironic that the anti-pornography feminists are united in this cause with the anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-sex education element of our society. This same element would flood the world with unwanted children--future victims of child abuse and more fodder for the uncaring criminal justice grist mill. From children such as these become the rapists of tomorrow.


Canoga Park

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