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Philippine Police Open Fire on Anti-Marcos Rally, Kill 1

October 21, 1985|United Press International

MANILA — Police fired into a crowd of 3,000 demonstrators as they marched toward President Ferdinand E. Marcos' palace today, killing one protester and wounding 28 others, officials said.

The shooting followed a peaceful rally outside the U.S. Embassy by rice farmers protesting Marcos' land-reform program. A similar inquiry was demanded in a resolution passed in Parliament.

Doctors at Philippines General Hospital said Emmanuel Lazo, 17, died there from a gunshot in his head.

Sixteen other protesters and civilians were admitted to hospitals, including 10 with bullet wounds.

The violence came after a visit to Marcos last week by Sen. Paul Laxalt (R-Nev.), who delivered a message from President Reagan pressing him for political and economic reforms in the face of widespread popular opposition and a communist insurgency.

Marcos was reported to have rejected Laxalt's warning.

Police Chief Brig. Gen. Narciso Cabrera said 12 policemen were injured in the riot at a downtown intersection midway between the palace and the embassy, where protesters had demanded an end to U.S. support of Marcos.

The fighting broke out when protesters beat up a motorcycle patrolman who became trapped among the marchers on the traffic-jammed corner, Cabrera said.

He said policemen aboard two nearby vehicles rushed to rescue their colleague but were pelted with rocks and foil-wrapped nails and gunpowder. The officers then opened fire with pistols, he said.

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