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Apprehension of Terrorists

October 22, 1985

We won. We showed 'em. We showed those S.O.B. terrorists you can't get away with it.

We also torpedoed the best chance for peace talks in the Mideast in years--which may have been the aim of the terrorist group.

We alienated friends in the area.

We made the chances of the return of our other hostages in the area nil.

We acted to solidify the enemies of Israel and the United States.

We gave the young terrorists the concentrated attention of the worldwide press now and from now on. If we were to get our hands on them to get them executed, they would be martyrs in their world. Already they have proved their willingness to die for their cause and are heroes there.

We have gratified ourselves with our own macho image--but did we stop terrorism? Or did we strike again the tar baby of violence only to find ourselves more stuck and involved?


Panorama City

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