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Lawndale : Planners Overruled on Project

October 24, 1985

Overruling the Planning Commission, a divided City Council has voted to require that a proposed $10-million commercial complex near Hawthorne Boulevard and the San Diego Freeway give up a five-foot strip of property for a widened right of way on a cross-street.

The 3-2 vote, which ratified the recommendations of the city's consulting engineer, reflected increased concern at City Hall over traffic and parking in Lawndale.

Councilman James Ramsey, who brought the Planning Commission decision to the council for review, said the appropriate time to make street-widening decisions is before development takes place.

After the vote, Peter A. Delgado, director of construction for Tumunjan & Tumunjan Investments Inc., said his firm would reconsider whether it wants to proceed with the project, which was to be built at the edge of the property line. The project, a four-story commercial, office and retail building with a parking garage, would be at the southwest corner of 159th Street and Hawthorne Boulevard, just north of the freeway.

According to city officials, the project would generate 1,760 vehicle trips a day, and 252 trips an hour during its busiest period. Traffic on Hawthorne Boulevard is 26,000 vehicles a day, with peak hour accounting for 2,600.

The additional five feet would permit a widening of 159th Street to three lanes. Additional street widening would be necessary if development of the other side of 159th Street takes place, said Robert Mimiaga, the city's engineer.

Voting to require the street widening were Ramsey, Terry Birdsall and Mayor Sarann Kruse. Opposed were Dan McKenzie and Harold E. Hofmann.

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