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Winging It

October 27, 1985|ELLEN MELINKOFF

Arnold Small, a professor of biology at Los Angeles Harbor College and author of "The Birds of California" and "Birds of the West," leads field-study trips in bird-watching for UCLA Extension.These are his favorite bird-watching spots:

Upper Newport Bay, Orange County, from Pacific Coast Highway inland along Backbay Drive behind the Newporter Inn to Jamboree Boulevard. "This salt marsh and tidal mud flat is a good spot for shore birds, gulls, terns and waterfowl. Best time, September to March."

Morongo Wildlife Reserve, San Bernardino County. "This high-desert and oasis area is good for desert birds and migratory birds. Best time, winter through June."

Angeles Crest Highway, Angeles National Forest, stopping at Charlton Flats, Lower Chilao, Upper Chilao, Buckhorn, Table Mountain, Big Pine down to Jackson Lake. "In this forest of pine, fir and oak, you'll find resident and migratory birds. Best time, May to October."

Placerita Canyon State Park, off California 14, upper entrance to Walker Ranch section. "Best oak woodland and chaparral area for woodpeckers, hawks and migratory birds. Best time, March to June."

Antelope Valley, east on California 138 from Interstate 5, stopping at Quail Lake and taking side roads to Apollo Park in Lancaster. "This lake and grassland area is good for spotting hawks, eagles, larks, sparrows, bluebirds and waterfowl. Best time, November to March."

Mixing in Action Venice-based Susan Levin runs Mix & Match, a lecture and social group that has become one of the Westside's most popular singles' get-togethers. These are her favorite places for singles to meet other singles:

Rose Cafe, Venice. "You can go there alone and start talking to people very easily. It's very friendly."

De Benneville Pines, Angelus Oaks."This is a camp in the San Bernardino Mountains (in the Big Bear area) run by the Unitarian Churches. They have a lot of singles weekends here. I went to one on the Fourth of July and had a great time."

Bentley's 49, Santa Monica. "People come here after work, and you have to be dressed."

The Learning Network, citywide. "The people who attend these classes are usually quite interesting."

Singing Singles, Palms Recreation Center, West Los Angeles. "I sang with them for a while. It's an older group. They had nice parties and were very supportive of each other."

One for the Books Despite the fact that Connie Martinson is inundated with review copies of all the latest books from those hoping for a good word on her cable TV show, "Connie Martinson Talks Books," she still haunts bookstores. "I go to bookstores like a bird goes to its nest," she says. These are her favorites for browsing:

George Sand Books, Los Angeles. "It smells like a bookstore and reminds me of all those bookstores in college towns. They have European books and esoteric film books."

Perkins Book Worm, Coronado. "A great small shop. Very friendly."

B. Dalton-Bookseller, Hollywood. "I love the two floors of books. You can get great books for half price."

Hunter's Books, Beverly Hills. "They carry great historical books on California."

Crown Books, citywide. "The truth is, they're great when I want to save money."

Elegance and Old Lace Designer Lois Rose Rose has a passion for fine vintage clothing and has taught classes on how to wear and display collectibles. To her, the difference between a collectible and something that is merely old is that "with a collectible, you get a sense of the hands that made it." These are her favorite places to shop:

Anne's Tiques, Santa Monica. "Anne was a top fashion model in the '50s. She was one of Earl Carroll's showgirls, and she has a real knowledge of what looks good on the body. She treats each piece as though she's rescuing an orphan from the storm."

Federico's, Venice. "Federico is one of the most reliable dealers. On Washington Boulevard, he's considered the expert."

Jimenez Antique Show and Sale, third Sunday of the month, Veterans' Auditorium, Culver City. Run by Federico Jimenez of Federico's (mentioned above). "You can find a great many wearable pieces here. The emphasis is on clothing."

Golyester, Venice. "Here you can find a turn-of-the-century petticoat as well as a Romanian embroidered blouse. Owner Esther Ginsberg specializes in ethnic clothing."

Glendale Antique Show, first Sunday of the month, Glendale Civic Auditorium, Glendale. "Mexican silver, old lace, beaded dresses."

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