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Mexico City: In the Aftermath of the Earthquake

October 27, 1985|SHARON DIRLAM | Times Staff Writer

Information on the post-earthquake status of hotels, airports, restaurants and other attractions in Mexico City and around the country has been gathered by the staff of the Mexico Secretariat of Tourism.

In Mexico City the hotels reported destroyed are the Finisterra, Principado, Regis, Romano Downtown and Versailles.

Semi-destroyed hotels, meaning that most rooms can't be salvaged, are the Continental, De Carlo, Montreal and Residencia.

Hotels with minor damage but still functioning are the Alameda, Baker, Benidorm, Casa Blanca, Century, Cibeles, Del Angel, Del Paseo, Del Prado, Doral, Emporio, Erendyra, Fontain, Holiday Inn (Zona Rosa), Kyrstal, Lisboa, Marbella Palace, Maria-Isabel Sheraton, Mayaland, Montreal, Montejo, Oxford, Plaza, Plaza Madrid, Premier, Presidente (Zona Rosa), Reforma, Regente, Royal, Stella Maris, San Francisco, Suites Amberes, Suites Havre and Viena.

Superficial Damage

Superficial damage was sustained by these hotels: Apartamento Madrid, Aristos, Arizona, Calinda Geneve, Cancun, Carlton, Consul, Corinto, Crown Plaza, De Cortes, Del Principado, Galeria Plaza, Hollywood, Imperial, Jardin Amazonas, La Joya, Majestic, Mansion Harve, Maria Angeles, Maria Cristina, New York, Pensilvania, Paraiso, Prim, Romano, Roosevelt, Segovia Regency, Silver Suites, Suites Marco Polo, Suites Michelangelo, Suites Napoles, Suites San Marino, Texas, Uxmal and Vasco de Quiroga.

Most tourist attractions can be visited without problem. Damaged attractions include the Ehecatl Temple in the Pino Suarez subway station; four colonial monuments in the Historical Center; 9 of 61 museums (the National Museum of Anthropology is intact); La Lagunilla, La Merced, Tepito, Plaza Garibaldi and parts of the Zona Rosa; 102 movie theaters including three that were destroyed; the Arena Coliseo; 11 sports and official clubs; four markets, stores and commercial centers.

Zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, forests, gardens, parks and spas in or near the city are undamaged, officials say, and most of the damaged sites of cultural importance can be restored.

Closed for Repairs

The Aristos Hotel, which suffered superficial but not structural damage, will be closed six months for repairs. Club Mediterranee will be closed five weeks for pool repairs unrelated to the earthquake. Ixtapa Sheraton Hotel will be closed until February for repairs to the bridge connecting its towers. Riveria del Sol has one tower open and expects to resume normal operations in two months. El Presidente Hotel will be closed until Dec. 20 for repairs.

The Castel Palmar Hotel, Kyrstal Hotel and Dorado Pacifico Hotel are reported functioning normally.

Full refunds will be made to tourists who had to cancel their reservations because of earthquakes, the report says. Anyone who has problems with refunds may contact Roberto Zapata, president of the Mexico City Assn., by calling (800) HOTEL-MEX from U.S. phones.

According to the staff, the Panamerican Health Organization has reported that foreign visitors don't need vaccinations and there is no danger of contagion; tourists should observe normal precautions regarding water and food.

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