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'No Fault' Divorce

October 30, 1985

I would like to take exception to the article by Lenore J. Weitzman (Editorial Pages, Oct. 13), "No Fault, No Fairness for Women." The article once again is blaming the male species for a divorce.

I have no idea where Weitzman gleaned her facts, but, she evidently has not looked in Orange County.

I would like to ask Weitzman what her remedy is when the man has completed his education before the marriage, then educates the wife, paying all the bills, child care, etc. The wife then decides that she would like to terminate the marriage, against the wishes of the husband, moves out taking everything with her, including the four children. Does Weitzman suggest that this is fair?

Does she suggest that the man, even though he opposes the divorce, should be made to feel the sting of extreme financial burden when conditions are forced upon him without his being able to even have a voice?

What makes Weitzman think that men can't also raise children, etc.?

Why does Weitzman indicate that legislation is needed for financial support of children who are full-time students over 18 years? The law says at age 18, an individual reaches maturity. If they're adults, why don't they work and pay for their education like the rest of us did?

Lastly, I suggest that a marriage contract should be viewed like any other business contract, in that whoever breaches the contract, either man or women, should suffer the pain of the breaching of the contract.


Mission Viejo

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