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Right to Know

November 03, 1985

Regarding "Gray Market Imports Not All Black or White" (For What It's Worth, Oct. 28), my bureau has looked into the gray market situation in this area.

We have seen gray market products hitting our area in an increasing manner. Recently we found a large number of gray market items in one store.

The trick the merchant was--and is--using to reduce the chances of a consumer ascertaining before purchasing the product that the product is from the gray market is as follows: first, the merchant removes the serial number from the box in which the product is shipped, and second, the merchant does not allow the customer to view the product before purchasing.

I agree totally that a warning label should be on gray market goods in this state. At this time I am very seriously considering bringing the matter to the attention of a state representative from this area. As the article correctly points out, it is not illegal to peddle the gray market items, but consumers should have a right in advance of purchasing to know what they are buying.


Executive vice president

Better Business Bureau


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