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Letters : A Matter of Perspective

November 03, 1985

I was surprised at David Ferrell's article "Homeowners Ask Planners to Trim Size of Proposed Playa Vista Project" (Times, Sept. 22).

Ferrell must have been at a different hearing than I was, as I walked away from that hearing with a different picture than the one painted in this article. I walked out of the hearing room believing that the majority of the people who spoke were in favor of this project. However, Ferrell did not bring this to light when he gave the supporters of this project only eight lines out of four columns--not very much coverage when the tone of this hearing was positive rather than negative.

Ferrell's title, "Homeowners Ask Planners to Trim Size of Proposed Playa Vista Project," was negative and misleading, creating an illusion that is not true. The majority of the speakers were excited about this project as it would give added tax dollars to the city of Los Angeles, create badly needed jobs, provide new housing, produce additional recreational areas and still meet the concerns of our citizens.

Ferrell's whole article revolved around three speakers. He failed to elaborate on the 20 speakers who felt that this project would be an asset to our community.

I feel that an article should be published . . . giving a true picture of what really took place Sept. 19, 1985, before the Los Angeles City Planning Commission, citing the favorable reports from the Westchester, Marina del Rey and West Los Angeles Chambers of Commerce, Playa del Rey Business Assn., Playa del Rey West Beach Homeowners Assn., organized labor, several property owners, home owners, local business people and residents of Venice, Westchester and Playa del Rey area.


Business Representative

Local Union No. 11, I.B.E.W.

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