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The Hungarian And I

November 10, 1985

In his account of the Independent Composers Assn. concert of Hungarian electronic music (Music Reviews, Oct. 28), Gregg Wager writes:

" Ludi Spaziali,' for tape and piano, synchronizes a wash of electronically altered piano sounds with the playing of an onstage pianist who looks like a curious caricature of Bartok."

Said pianist, being myself, utterly fails to see the likeness. I dare say Philip of Spain and I bear closer resemblance than Bartok and I.

In fact, it's OK with me if Wager thinks I look like Bartok. However, I do object to his total inattention to the live performances with tape on the concert. Performers were not even named in Wager's review, and this I find irresponsible.

For the record, then, the performers in addition to myself were Cathy Wong on soprano sax in Zoltan Pongrancz's "Concertino," and a percussion quartet consisting of Jeff Brenner, Scott Fry, Ron George and Sharon Schroeder in Patachich's "Woolemesyn," conducted by Richard Babcock.


Los Angeles

Wag er is blameless. His original line--that the onstage pianist " plays a curious caricature of Bartok" was changed during the editing process; as for the second complaint, space limitations in capsule reviews preclude the mentioning of every participant.

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