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The Fudge Factor

November 10, 1985

No offense, but I think Eddie Murphy just made a chump out of Dennis Hunt ("Eddie Murphy on His New LP: 'This Is Me,' " Nov. 3).

Hunt reports that Murphy's album was produced by an unknown, Aquil Fudge, who had worked with Stevie Wonder for a decade.

I'll bet that's big news to Stevie Wonder. I was under the impression that Aquil Fudge is really Eddie Murphy, just as "Jamie Starr" is really supposed to be Prince under a fictitious name.

But don't take my word for it. I only know what I read in the papers.


Los Angeles

\o7 Larkin Arnold, CBS Records vice president who was in charge of Murphy's "How Could It Be" project, said that, absolutely, "Fudge is a living, breathing human being--and he produced the LP, not Eddie Murphy."


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