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Latinos Should Be the Ones to Adapt

November 10, 1985

Where is it written that, when a conflict between the Anglo community and the Latino community occurs, the dispute must always be settled in favor of the Latinos?

This is the question that I would like to put to John A. Trujillo in reply to his letter (Southeast/Long Beach sections, Nov. 3). Mr. Trujillo's opinions seem to echo the opinions of the Latinos in this area--never cooperate with the Anglos in any matter.

He states that we Anglos should adapt ourselves to the incoming Latino population. My stand, and I feel that I speak for the majority of the Anglo population, is that it is the responsibility of the Latinos to adapt to the customs of the country they seek residence in, instead of attempting to set themselves up as a separate group.

I find the mentioning of El Pollo Loco and Der Wienerschnitzel ludicrous when these two firms are used as examples of the use of foreign names for an enterprise. Both of these firms are well-advertised entities, and are known to everyone as "fast food" outlets.

As for the renaming of San Juan and San Miguel streets, perhaps Mr. Trujillo should study his native language. These streets would translate, according to my dictionary, as "Saint John" and "Saint Michael," not "Sir John and Sir Michael."

Mr. Trujillo and his fellow "New Wave" Latinos should realize that, under a democratic form of government, the majority rules. The only obligation we owe to minority groups is to allow them to express their opinions and to give them the same opportunities and privileges given to all other citizens.



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