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Jody Jacobs

Getting a Head Start on the Holiday Season

November 10, 1985|JODY JACOBS

Les Amies, a support group of the Colleagues and indefatigable workers for the Children's Institute International (for abandoned and abused children), are usually so busy with so many activities they only schedule two social get-togethers a year. One took place a few days back with Mrs. Mortimer Kline, hospitality chairman, hosting a luncheon gathering at Jimmy's. On everybody's mind was the upcoming Christmas Gala, which is always held at the Bistro on the first Sunday of December. This year the date is Dec. 1, giving Les Amies a head start on the holiday season. Ring those sleigh bells.

Everyone turned up looking like a fashion plate, a given with this stylish bunch. Among the standouts were red-haired Katie Kline in a pink suit and Gloria Holden and her guest, Barbara McElnea, who both wore Chanel berets.

Gala plans were shared by co-chairs Ruth Cutten and Margo Hirsh, who've been in charge of this holiday celebration for many years. They talked at length about prizes, Mrs. William Murphy's wintry decor, Christmas music, good cheer and an elaborate buffet. It sounds as if another winner is in the works.

New members were introduced and welcomed by board president Mrs. Michael Guarini, vice president Mrs. Heinz Russell plus Mrs. Wayne Dinsmore, Mrs. Hayden Scott McComes, Mrs. William Whedon and Mrs. Montgomery Fisher. And also Ceil Moore, Katherine Hearst, Connie Maschio (who was just back from Brazil), Mrs. Michael F. Rogers, Colleagues president Noona Eversole and Frances Skipsey (they're liaison between Colleagues and Les Amies), and Mrs. Homer Toberman, who founded the group in 1962 and looked mighty pleased about what she'd created.

The new members are an interesting lot--Mrs. Walter Hinds; Mrs. Gilman Alkire, an art consultant; Mrs. Robert Sully; Mrs. Anderson Zellers, who spent the summer in France learning to speak French; Mrs. Glen A. Holden, wife of the polo player, and Mrs. John Payne.

Mrs. John I. Moore is up to her bejeweled ears in parties--a series of little black-tie bye-byes to her pretty home (next year she'll be commuting from Dallas to L.A.) and the upcoming Dec. 1 Los Angeles Pops Orchestra Christmas Gala which she's co-chairing with Mrs. Happy Franklin at the Beverly Hilton.

Tiffany's and Paloma Picasso gave a party the other night--another kickoff, you might say--for the Pops evening and the turnout was, as Ceil Moore put it, "fabulous." In that crowd were Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Coyle, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ray Offenhauser, Midge and Bob Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Liff, Doris Fields Heller with Jack Lowrance, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Borden, Sid and Frances Klein, the Ted Leavers, James J. Foster, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Gaido and scores more who can't wait for Dec. 1 to hear the Pops, Vic Damone and the USC Chorus trill away.

As for Ceil's little at-homes, so far they've included Belle and Seymour Owens, John and Louise Good, Father Maurice Chase, the Henry Bergers, Julie Maxwell, Si and Virginia Ramo, Harriet and Charles Luckman, John Wiegman, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Cotton, Mary and Bradley Jones, Marilyn and Glen McDaniel, Mrs. Waldo Avery, Loretta Young and Curtis Kent. The food has been, well, what else can we say but--fabulous!

Paul Bruggemans, owner of Le St. Germain and a man who loves to travel, is off to Cairo in a few days to finalize plans for that cruise down the Nile he's organizing for early next year. Bruggemans (who, by the by, says his restaurant is definitely not for sale) is a believer in the good life, and what he's putting together is no mere excursion.

Already set to accompany Paul on this luxe adventure are Vincent Price and his wife, actress Coral Browne; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stivers; the Baron Stefan Janssen; Milton and Gloria Gunzburg; Mrs. Sidney Brody; Palm Springs' Kay Obergfel; Mr. and Mrs. Dick Coburn; the Neil Rosensteins; Patricia Gentry; Paul's mother, Josephine; Tita Cahn; Mr. and Mrs. Ken Edwards and Mr. and Mrs. Kent Jordan, all of Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Rob Podosin, and Rayed Ghali, who will be the cruise's guest of honor. He is a nephew of the late King Farouk of Egypt.

The trip begins in New York where Paul's group will be staying at the Plaza Athenee and dining at Le Cirque. Next stop is Cairo where they'll be guests at the new Cairo Marriott, located on 12 1/2 acres on Gezira Island. The son et lumiere at Giza and dinner at the Mena House, facing two wonders of the world--the Sphinx and the Pyramids--are all on the first day's itinerary. There'll be time aplenty to visit Cairo's Museum, to shop the bazaars and do more sightseeing. U.S. Ambassador Nicholas A. Veliotes and some other notables have invited the travelers for drinks before they fly off to Abu Simbel and then Aswan where they'll board the Nile Princess. Egyptologist Safaa Abo Shadi will be the resident expert for the sail down the ancient river and visits to the treasures on its banks.

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