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Affordable Private School

November 10, 1985

At the end of his essay on the costs of a parochial education, Pasquale Gigliotti made a very important statement about the quality of public education: Rather than flee to private schools, parents should expend their efforts to improve their public schools.

Some of our national leaders have lost hope for public education. They advocate tuition vouchers, tax credits or other subsidies to students who abandon public schools in favor of private schools.

Other leaders, however, still see a strong possibility for improving public education. They feel that government's first responsibility in education is to ensure that public schools--the government's schools--have sufficient sources to offer a good education to every student. To succeed, these politicians need the support of parents who agree with Gigliotti's conclusion.

Besides saving the cost of tuition, parental involvement in public schools has another benefit. By improving public education for your own child, you are also improving education for other children. The future is enhanced for both your own child and society.

I hope Gigliotti acts according to his own conclusion and becomes involved in the public schools of his community. Parental involvement can indeed make a significant difference in public education. The future of us all depends upon it.



Ross is a member of the school board of the Oak Park Unified School District.

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