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'Beheading Our Palm Trees'

November 10, 1985

Our city of Los Angeles is a very beautiful city, and I am always very proud to show visitors around.

One reason that makes L.A. so beautiful is our trees, tree-lined streets and avenues. Not only do our trees give our city wonderful (vistas), they help combat our smoggy environment.

Therefore, it is with extreme anger I write! Throughout our city, a cable company is hanging a cable, several feet below existing wires, using existing telephone poles.

In hanging this cable, the company is beheading our palm trees.

So far I have seen five in a row on National Boulevard just west of Robertson Boulevard, one at 18th and La Cienega and two at Palms and Grandview. God knows how many more are gone.

Who is responsible for this outrage? Who in city government gave permission for it, and who is going to stop it?


Los Angeles

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