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Poland Completes Leadership Reshuffle

November 13, 1985|ROBERT GILLETTE | Times Staff Writer

Several key economics ministers, including Finance Minister Stanislaw Nieckarz, retained their posts, along with three army generals closely linked with Jaruzelski--Interior Minister Czeslaw Kiszczak, Defense Minister Florian Siwicki and Mining and Power Minister Czeslaw Piotrowski.

At the same time, Messner named new ministers of health, foreign trade, domestic trade and services, construction, regional planning and municipal economy, and the maritime economy. The five deputy premiers approved by the Sejm were Zbigniew Gertych, Wladyslaw Gwiazda, Jozef Koziol and two holdovers, Manfred Gorywoda and Zbigniew Szalajda.

At the end of a speech devoted mainly to economics--it avoided all mention of the political opposition or Solidarity--Messner said Poland wants improved relations with West Germany and the United States.

Blaming Washington for strained Polish-American relations, he said that in order to normalize relations, the United States must abandon what he called its "unfriendly policy toward Poland" by lifting the remaining economic sanctions. After the martial-law suppression of Solidarity in 1981, the United States suspended Poland's favorable trade status and ruled out any new credits.

Some Already Freed

Earlier Tuesday, government spokesman Jerzy Urban told a news conference that some of more than 360 political prisoners have already been released under a selective clemency announced by the prosecutor general over the weekend.

Urban said the "majority" of prisoners will probably be released in coming weeks, but he refused to say whether the clemency would apply to a number of leading Solidarity activists now in prison.

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