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San Clemente : 2 Hurt as Gunshots Hit Ralphs Grocery Truck

November 18, 1985

Police were searching late Sunday for a sniper who fired several shots at a Ralphs Grocery Co. truck, injuring the driver and a second motorist near the Avenida Pico off-ramp on Interstate 5. The incident occurred as the Southern California supermarket strike ended its second week.

Truck driver Leonard Reagins, 32, of Los Angeles was treated by paramedics for minor facial cuts caused by glass shards from his shattered windshield, Police Sgt. Paul Falk said.

A woman identified as Walburga Schaver, 65, of San Clemente , also was treated at the scene by paramedics for minor glass cuts to her hands, Falk said. Schaver's car apparently was hit by a bullet ricocheting off Reagins' truck during the 7:55 p.m. incident.

"No one was seen or heard firing the shots," Falk said. He declined to speculate whether the incident was related to the strike and lockout affecting seven Southland supermarket chains, including Ralphs.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department helicopter was called to illuminate the immediate search area, but no suspects were found, police said.

The truck was hit four times by what were believed to be .22-caliber bullets. Two struck the windshield, one hit the roof and one hit the left front fender, ricocheting off the pavement to Schaver's car behind. Falk said some of the bullets were recovered.

There have been more than 40 arrests and at least a dozen injuries since 10,000 meat cutters and 12,000 Teamsters walked off their jobs or were locked out Nov. 4.

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