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'Reagan Blunders Rattle the World'

November 19, 1985

Joseph Kraft's column (Editorial Pages, Nov. 11), "Reagan's Blunders Rattle the World," vividly portrayed the Reagan mess with phrases like "garbles," "misspeaks," "gaffes," "muddy prose," "fuzziness," "imprecisions" and more.

White House spokesman Larry Speakes is constantly busy reinterpreting, correcting and trying to clear up President Reagan's remarks--an unenviable job, to be sure.

Reagan, somehow, has become a dream figure of the ideal leader whose gaffes and off-hand wisecracks are discounted and for some inexplicable reason are laughed off.

Meanwhile, his favorite whipping boys--and gals--Congress is blamed for the paralysis that exists.

Kraft correctly asserts that the last five Presidents have bombed in ways that have disillusioned the country at large.

But whose fault is it that we tend to pick such second-rate Presidents? Who gave Reagan a mandate with his overwhelming 49-state victory? And given the chance, were we to vote today, we would probably given him the same terrific plurality.

Do we pick the ablest--the most gifted--the most intelligent? No, unfortunately--we pick the most photogenic, the one who smiles the most. Our nation is certainly gifted with many more able men--and women--capable of performing the onerous job of the Presidency.

Will we learn--be more discerning and choosy--or be saddled with more second-raters, especially in this, the Nuclear Age?


North Hollywood

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