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Jody Jacobs

Wining and Dining the 'Crossings' Cast

November 21, 1985|JODY JACOBS

In San Francisco, novelist Danielle Steel and her husband John Traina gave an elegant little dinner party for the cast of "Crossings," the miniseries (based on one of the hostess' best-selling books) currently shooting in the City by the Bay. In Los Angeles, the Beverly Wilshire's president George White and his wife Ronnie invited about 30 friends to meet Madame Jihan Sadat over dinner in the hotel's Fiesta Room. In Holmby Hills, Candy Spelling, Marcia Lehr and Ellen Lehr Black hosted a ladies' luncheon in the Spelling home to introduce the newest addition to the Lehr-Spelling boutique--pretty jewelry. And in Beverly Hills, Helene and Dr. Joseph Pollock had friends in for a Sunday-night buffet at their newly remodeled home.

Danielle Steel, the dark-haired, prolific writer, walked about the beautifully appointed living room of the family mansion in Pacific Heights carrying blond baby Vanessa on one hip, extending the other hand to her guests. Visibly pregnant (the newcomer is due next spring), she looked wonderfully fit in a sweeping dark gray silk hostess gown. Traina did a lot of greeting on his own while explaining some of the finer points of collecting such delectables as jade and malachite and Faberge cigarette boxes. More Steel-Traina children of various ages were about, blending nicely with the piquant mix of Hollywood and San Francisco society.

In a Sea of Chocolate Fudge

Dinner was served in the paneled dining room where fine wines and Cristal champagne accompanied the mushroom tart, the lamb and the profiteroles swimming in a sea of chocolate fudge. And the evening came to an early end as "Crossings" producer Howard Koch, an amiable man, firmly rounded up his crew and wife Ruth, and off they went into the night aboard the Trainas' baby van.

Jane Seymour and her husband David Flynn had had a busy day, driving their daughter from Santa Barbara to Beverly Hills so she could be part of a fashion show, then zooming to S.F. for the party. Cheryl Ladd and husband Brian Russell nested on a sofa; Stewart Granger and executive producer E. Duke Vincent charmed the ladies; attorney Lou Blau and his wife chatted with friends. The S.F. contingent sparkled, too--columnist Herb Caen with Terri Follett, Mrs. Francis Martin (better known as Nini), Jimmy and Gloria Stewart's handsome daughter Judy and her husband Stephen Merrill, Prentis and Denise Hale and the effervescent Charlotte Mailliard, who had left husband Jack at home to dine on fresh abalone.

Baubles for a Bonus Dessert

While Aaron Spelling, home nursing a cold, was upstairs worrying about what he was getting for lunch, down in the spacious projection room wife Candy's luncheon guests were enjoying a feast--strawberry daiquiris, small souffles, poached salmon, strawberry gateau and chocolate truffles. But better than dessert for this stylishly dressed crowd was the after-lunch special--a look and a try-on of Nicole Jewelers' serious diamond, emerald and pearl baubles (they'll be available at Lehr-Spelling immediately).

Eva Gabor, who'd arrived from Washington the night before, preferred her lollipop ring, part of the loot on the beautifully decorated tables (feathered and jeweled dolls' faces on mirrored columns formed the centerpieces), which all the guests tucked into LS-monogrammed green bags. "It goes with my suit," Eva smiled, flashing the "ring" for all to admire. Marcia Lehr, who claims to dislike speaking before a crowd, did very well indeed in her welcome speech to the likes of Hollywood Park's Marje Everett, Ginny Mancini, Jill St. John (she reported that R. J. Wagner, her best friend, is crazy about thoroughbred horses), Gladyce Begelman, Jolene Schlatter, Joanna Carson, Veronique Peck, Sandra Moss, Judy Shepherd, Julie Forsythe and a few more of the kind of ladies who appreciate the finer things.

Renewing Old Acquaintances

At the Whites' small and cozy dinner party, Jihan Sadat put everyone at ease with her charm and warmth. Egypt's former First Lady, here to speak to a meeting of the Women for International Understanding, had a chance to chat with everyone after Caroline Ahmanson made the introductions. Former Atty. Gen. William French Smith and his wife Jean, who were going on to another party, renewed their friendship; Charles and Harriet Luckman and Lois and Art Linkletter lingered over conversations; Litton chairman Fred and Millie O'Green remembered their last visit to Egypt.

Down from San Francisco were Dr. and Mrs. Charles Hemphill (she's president of WIU) and Ina Lerer; from Washington, Lee Kimche McGrath. The local batch included publisher Seth Baker with Katherine Kilroy, Stuart and Mary Davis, Mrs. Miguel Llanos, anchorman Jess Marlow and his wife Phyllis. And accompanying Madame Sadat were Brig. Gen. Essam Hiezy and Lila Hakki.

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