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Main Street Gym's Reputation

November 21, 1985

In an article entitled "Victor French Gets in With the Goossens" by Times staff writer Steve Springer (May 22), Mr. French was quoted as saying that the Main Street Gym is a place where "anybody who wants to pay the money can come in and get his brains knocked out," and where "fighters (are) ripped off" and "cheated."

Mr. French's remarks were not only false and insulting, but entirely baseless as well. The Main Street Gym has been a greatly respected boxing establishment since it was first opened in 1933. We at the Gym run a tight ship, by the rules. We are fully licensed and regulated by the State of California and have never been charged with any infractions.

The reputation of the Main Street Gym is also attested to by some of the world's greatest boxers who have used our facilities such as Muhammad Ali, Ray Mancini, Tommy Hearns, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ken Norton, Lupe Pintor, and Tony Danza. As a matter of fact, some of Mr. French's boxers at the Ten Goose Gym have also used our facilities over the years.

Main Street Gym has also been the site for many motion pictures, such as all three of the "Rocky" pictures and "The Main Event," to mention only a few.

Contrary to Mr. French's remarks, people do not come here and get their "brains knocked out." They come for training and practice. All newcomers are interviewed to determine their level of experience and are placed accordingly. Amateurs, or those with little experience, are assigned to trainers and provided with lessons. Professionals who do not bring in their own teams are assigned to comparable sparring partners. We require that everyone wear protective gear. Lastly, and more important, however, we can boast of never having a serious injury in training.

I can also state emphatically that no one gets "ripped off" at the Main Street Gym. Our own trainers are the best available. I personally see to it that even the independent trainers who come in and use our facilities uphold their obligations with their trainees at the Gym.

I hope this letter helps dispel doubts any of your readers may have had regarding the professionalism and integrity of the Main Street Gym as a result of Victor French's surprising and unfounded remarks. I and my associates at the Gym thank you for this opportunity to respond.


Owner and operator of Main Street Boxing Gym

Los Angeles

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