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Social Security--a Ponzi Scheme?

November 23, 1985

The contempt and disgust for American senior citizens that Hiipakka so clearly stated in his letter is a distortion of facts and highly demeaning. Most eligible retirees paid Social Security taxes for 40 quarters (10 years) at a time when wages were under $1 an hour. These taxes were a great dent in the take-home salary and not "negligible," as defined by Hiipakka.

Social Security taxes withheld as well as the benefits derived are based on the highest income earned during the 40-quarter period. Can you imagine the number of workers who earned over $50 a week during these times? Simple computation will reveal Social Security benefits are meager and frugal when balanced against the high cost of living today.

I was raised during the Depression era and a college education was an impossible dream. Hiipakka is indeed very fortunate to have this coveted degree to open many doors to lucrative job opportunities. I highly doubt that his standard of living will be less than that of his parents, as stated in his letter.

The ME-MY-MINE tone of this letter disturbs me and implies that he alone is "supporting" a retiree, when in fact he is investing in his own retirement.

Believe me, many a senior citizen would jump at the opportunity to be gainfully employed again and erase the stigma of being a "drain on the poor working stiffs."

How I wish it would be possible for me to again exchange views of this subject with Hiipakka 40 years from now.


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