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Social Security--a Ponzi Scheme?

November 23, 1985

I must offer condolence to D. Hiipakka (Letters, Nov. 9), the recent college graduate who is so perturbed because the elderly citizens are being paid Social Security. I wish to point out a few items to this young college graduate. I will use myself as an example.

I will be 78 years of age in less than a month. I have been drawing Social Security benefits for 15 years. I worked in covered employment 35 years. I am able to live fairly well due to my Social Security payments. Without those benefits I might be on 100% welfare at this time. The cost for this would be paid with tax money from some source.

Is this what Hiipakka advocates? Would Hiipakka and his ilk rather go back to the time when the old and destitute were herded into "poor houses" until they died?

I believe this recent college graduate needs more education. I think he is "spouting off and doesn't know what he is talking about."

I do not feel beholden to Hiipakka and his ilk. Four and a half of those 78 years I mention were given in service to my country during World War II. At that time I was told that I was fighting to make the world safe so that youngsters like Hiipakka would be able to go to college in a free country and live the good life.

Yes, my heart bleeds for those poor working stiffs. They really have it rough. They only receive from about $10 to $20 an hour for the same work I was paid a maximum of $4 an hour for. Yet I have to pay the prices this wage creates with the money saved from my $4-an-hour stipend.

Hiipakka really brought tears to my eyes. Sorry I am hurting so much.


Culver City

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