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Defends Apple IIc

November 24, 1985

The Times is blemished by "The Apple IIc Has Some Blemishes" (Computer File, Oct. 28). The article was poorly researched and superficial.

The Business section has been a must-read part of the paper for the past several months, and I have been waking up with The Times for years. One morning it was a rude awakening.

The Times' coverage of the home computer business in the Saturday Sports section was a great help in my survey that led me to buy the Apple IIc computer and has since been helpful in locating good software buys. In this search of about every store in my area and every home computer available, the IIc was selected. I also belong to a computer users club, which puts me in contact with many home computer users. Let's look at where the author went wrong.

The article said that the IIc is not expandable to run CP/M. Applied Engineering has offered a plug-in card for several months now to do just that. This is a company that has made expansion cards for the IIe for many years, so it is not an upstart. Wordstar, dBase II, Turbo Pascal and other programs can run on the IIc.

Complications of three operating system: ProDOS, DOS 3.3 and Pascal. I have used software that uses all three systems and am not aware of any problems. Just put in the disc and go. There is no operator awareness of what system is being used. Multiple operating systems is a plus so that the best of each is available, as any knowledgeable software designer should know.

Tangle of cords. Picky, picky. There is only one cord for each peripheral, just like all other computers. Where is the issue?

Small monitor. I was given a 12-inch Apple IIe monitor with my IIc at no additional cost by just requesting it from the dealer. Some users prefer the small monitor.

Software. The review of only the Newsroom software for the IIc demonstrates lack of knowledge or a disregard for important facts. AppleWorks, the most popular word processor, was not mentioned. It has been reported that AppleWorks has sold more copies than any other word processor. I am using that software to compose this letter and find it equal to the reputation. The Apple IIc with AppleWorks software is a great combination that most Apple Computer reviewers have not failed to note.

Value of the Apple IIc compared to the IIe. Once again, the author has ignored the expandability of the IIc. Also, in the salesroom where the actual sales prices can be compared, the IIc is really a much better buy than the IIe. The author should read The Times Business section. Within the past few months, the Apple Computer business has been extensively covered and the sales of the IIc and IIe compared. He didn't do his homework.

Please, no more rude awakenings.



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