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Paranoia U.s.a.

November 24, 1985

There is only one word to describe Beale's article on the supposed "new paranoia" afflicting Hollywood's recent adventure films: outrageous .

How in God's name can Beale say that to fear communism is to be paranoid?

I suppose Dr. Haing S. Ngor was "paranoid" about those bad Cambodian communists who just happened to murder 2 million of their own people.

I suppose those backward Afghans are just "paranoid" about those nice guys in the Soviet Red Army who accidently massacre entire villages and force millions to become refugees in Pakistan.

It simply boggles the mind that after all the untold suffering that communism has inflicted on the world there are still people like Beale who can equate justifiable revulsion at the most monstrous ideology ever to enslave mankind with paranoia.

What is worse is that The Times would print such an intellectually dishonest screed and then label it as "analysis."



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