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Prison Sites in L.A. County

November 28, 1985

My husband and I want to let someone know what we think of Mayor Bradley's proposal to build a state prison in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Besides the fact that the prison property would a quarter of a mile from our house, there are many reasons why the Saugus site is not feasible.

Perhaps the most glaring is the fact that there simply is not enough infrastructure in the area to support it. Our roads are very inadequate, considering that in the case of emergencies, Bouquet Canyon is the only way in or out of the canyon. With all the development that has taken place recently and that will come in the future, there are not enough sewer facilities, nor is there adequate water.

An aerial view of the proposed site points out a few other problems with Bradley's recommendation. The area is highly residential and there are six schools in close proximity. Such a proposal clearly does not address the safety of children. We don't want our homes to become armed camps. We've experienced escapes from Wayside and don't like the idea of finding criminals in our backyard.

We feel the most appropriate location for the prison is the one previously considered by the state. That is the Crown Coach property in downtown Los Angeles.




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