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Rock 'N' Restraint

December 01, 1985

So, the quintessential "party animals" are on good behavior ("Motley Crue--Taking a Walk on Quiet Side?," by Steve Pond, Nov. 24)?

How refreshing. It's nice to know that Vince Neil has learned the need for "restraint"--all it took was a drunk driving accident that killed one person and injured two others.

How convenient to be able to work off a "$2-million compensation" (not to mention getting his license back to "legally take the wheel again"), all the while promoting the image of the raucous, rebellious, macho moron that got him into trouble in the first place.

And how can A&R man Tom Zutaut possibly compare "pilots that make errors that kill 370 people" with the perfectly irresponsible act of driving drunk?

Face it--rock bands are role models whether they wish to be or not. Don't bother "toning anything down," boys.

Just get off the stage.


Los Angeles

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