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Fun Way at Cambridge

December 01, 1985

I wish to thank the Los Angeles Times for publishing Jerry Payne's article. I was so delighted that Jerry would take the time to write about his summer experience with us. And I must admit that he had a very special summer. It is not often that one can find a group of bright and fun-loving people who meet life and learning with the same enthusiasm.

What makes the article important to me, aside from the very special experience, was Jerry's professional ability to write with such specificity, which brought the summer alive again for me, even though I have gone there every summer since the program began in 1981.

The real test of an article was borne out by a week of very busy phones, with calls from as far and wide as the distribution of the L.A. Times requesting more information on the program. This first week's response was far higher than any past media exposure for the same length of time.

The new brochure for summer 1986 will be ready for mailing in January. It will contain the new course listings, application forms and further general information. The session dates will be July 6 to July 26 and July 27 to Aug. 16.

Once again, we are delighted with the article and the enthusiastic interest that it has generated.


associate program director

Cambridge/UCLA Program

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