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Update On African Aid Groups

December 08, 1985

HERMANOS (Brothers and Sisters) Established March, 1985 1875 Century Park E., No. 1170 Century City, CA 90067 (213) 284-8179 $ Raised $178,000 donated by Coors, Pepsi-Cola for audio recordings; $8,000 received in donations. $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers Members of L.A. Latino recording industry released a single, "Cantare, Cantares," in July and a 6-minute video in August. Compilation album due in March. Video documentary of the recording session, hosted by Richardo Montalban, was shown on SIN network. Artists on single include Placido Domingo, Jose Feliciano, Irene Cara, Menudo, Julio Iglesias. Funds and Distribution Single sold 100,000 copies in U.S. and 200,000 in Mexico. Revenues not yet known. 90% of funds will be turned over this month to UNICEF projects for distribution in Latin America and Caribbean; 10% to USA for Africa. "We're not buying guns for Nicaragua," said a spokeswoman. "We want to feed children."

KIDDS FOR KIDS IN AFRICA Established June, 1985 The U.S. Committee for UNICEF 1875 Century Park E., No. 1160 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (213) 551-1191 $ Raised Record Not Yet Released $ Distributed -- Goals and Backers 4 teen stars of "Kidd Video," NBC music/adventure show, initiated project, along with producer Haim Saban, and recruited 60 Hollywood kid stars to record single, "Love's Gonna Find a Way,' targeted for release on Valentine's Day, said UNICEF spokeswoman Candy Miller. Educational video for home sale, to include footage from Africa, is being prepared. Funds and Distribution Revenues earmarked for UNICEF emergency operations in Africa. Money to be distributed to "what's needed most now," Miller said, including medical support and transport vehicles.

Los Angeles Times Sunday December 15, 1985 Home Edition Calendar Page 107 Calendar Desk 2 inches; 46 words Type of Material: Correction
Meanwhile, an omission in last week's otherwise comprehensive chart of African Aid groups glared at Ralph B. Wright Jr., PR director for the L.A. chapter of the American Red Cross. According to Wright, we forgot radio station KLOS' "Rock Relief for Africa" last February, which raised $150,000 to help African famine victims.

LIVE AID FOUNDATION Established July, 1985 P.O. Box 7800 San Francisco, CA 94120 (213) 822-9940 $ Raised $84 million $ Distributed $34 million Goals and Backers Single by British pop stars last Christmas. 18-hour concert in July held simultaneously in Philadelphia and London with leading pop stars. Live Aid also to receive royalties from the David Bowie/Mick Jagger single, "Dancing in the Street," released in September. Bob Geldof wants the money committed by next Sunday and "things are on track," said Live Aid's Gary Krull. Funds and Distribution $40 million toward long-term development in sub-Saharan Africa. $34 million for famine relief and $10 million to be allocated to emergency relief, Programs administered by U.N., U.S. Agency for International Development, UNICEF, World Food Program, said project director Zoe Miller.

NORTHERN LIGHTS FOR AFRICA SOCIETY Established February, 1985 c /o Price Waterhouse P.O. Box 48500 Bentall P.O. Vancouver, B.C. V7XIA2 (604) 688-7274 $ Raised $2.5 million $ Distributed $1.575 million Goals and Backers 53 Canadian musicians--like Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young--were gathered by manager Bruce Allen to record "Tears Are Not Enough." Group also staged a telethon during the Live Aid concert. 85-minute documentary released in Canada Oct. 2. Funds and Distribution 6 agencies received the following for reforestation, irrigation and transportation projects in Ethiopia and Sudan: $500,000 to Red Cross, $400,000 to UNICEF Canada, $250,000 to CARE Canada, $180,000 to Canadian Physicians for African Relief, $180,000 to Save the Children, $65,000 to Plenty Canada, said spokeswoman Maureen Jack. ROCK FOR AFRICA Established Sept . , 1985 c/o Danish Red Cross Copenhagen, Denmark $ Raised $850,000 $ Distributed $283,000 Goals and Backers 3 Danish roadies and Danish Red Cross organized 10-hour concert Sept. 21 at National Football Stadium in Copenhagen featuring 25 bands, attended by 28,000 people. Funds and Distribution Money will go to plant trees in western Africa, as well as Sudan and Ethiopia, said Poul Andersen of the Danish Red Cross.

SAN DIEGO AID FOR AFRICA/91X RADIOTHON Established March, 1985. Project Concern International P.O. Box 85323 San Diego, CA 92138 (619) 279-9690 $ Raised $49,743.38 ($111,672.49 received in pledges) $ Distributed $49,377.18 Goals and Backers San Diego musicians and employees of radio station 91-X held 53-hour radiothon in April to benefit Project Concern International. Station released album in May featuring San Diego musicians under the banner of SANDAID. Funds and Distribution Figures not yet tabulated, said 91X promotions director Rob Tonkin, but album participants will donate $1,000 to Band Aid Trust regardless of sales. Said Tina Ellenbogen, Project Concern International's development director, agency has distributed 20% of the funds to InterAction, consortium of food, relief and development agencies. Remainder for basic health care and indigenous medical training.

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