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'Godfather Iii & Iv'

December 08, 1985

As television writers hoping to break into features, we offer the following suggestion in response to " 'Godfather III': The Movie Waiting to Happen" (by David T. Friendly, Nov. 24.)

1962. Michael Corleone (Al Pacino--it won't work with anyone else) is having an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

The Two Kennedys (Jack Nicholson and Robert Evans) find out and hire Fidel Castro and two future Watergate Cubans to kill Michael. Because of a tragic mix-up due to the language barrier, they mistakenly kill Marilyn.

Meanwhile, Michael's sister, Connie (Talia Shire--it won't work with anyone else), takes a job in a pet shop and meets a stumblebum boxer from Philly, Rucky Balboni (Frank Stallone or Sly Stone).

Anyway, Michael ends up in Europe with Princess Grace, and we're in place for "Godfather IV." Whaddya think?



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