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Los Angeles Times Magazine Map No.3 : BEVERLY HILLS

Third in a series of maps of Southern California communities by Westwood artist Paul Shaffer

December 08, 1985

In the early 1800s, present-day Beverly Hills las Aguas (the gathering of the waters)

Cost of 4,500 acres in 1854: $1,300

First industries: Bean and sugar-beet farming, cattle and sheep ranching, and oil drilling

Date the Beverly Hills Hotel was constructed: 1912

Cost: $500,000

Regulars with customized suites have included Howard Hughes, Dino De Laurentiis, Ruth Gordon Joan Fontaine, Olivia de Havilland, Lauren Bacall and Beverly Sills

Movies filmed at hotel include "The Way We Were," "California Suite" and "American Gigolo"

Year city incorporated: 1914

First celebrity to settle within city limits: Douglas Fairbanks Sr., in the early 1920s

Population: 32,367

Percentage of residents under age 14: 11.3

Percentage of residents over 65: 21.3

Median age of population: 43.9 years

Percentage of households with four or more people: 74.8

Yearly amount spent per student in Beverly Hills public schools: $4,806 (state average: $3,296)

Size: 5.7 square miles

Average size of a residential lot south of Santa Monica Boulevard: about one-seventh of an acre (6,250 square feet)

North of Santa Monica Boulevard: just over half an acre (25,000 square feet)

Largest private estate: 9.4 acres

Number of streets lined with one type of tree (each street with a different species): 51

Average number of Rolls-Royces sold by the Beverly Hills dealership each month: 8

Number of parking spaces in city's commercial district: 7,167

Number of limousine services: 15

Length of city's alleys: 41 miles

Number of jewelry stores: 88

Number of banks: 48

Total deposits in banks and savings and loans: $7.5 billion

Highest purchase price for an estate: $20.5 million (for The Knoll, bought by Marvin Davis from Kenny Rogers in 1984) Produced by Linden Gross. Research by The Los Angeles Times library staff. Demographics reflect currently available figures.

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