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Roll Call

The House : Intelligence Budgets

December 08, 1985

A bill (HR 2419) appropriating an undisclosed sum for the fiscal 1986 budgets of the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and other government intelligence units was passed by the House and sent to the Senate on a vote of 387 to 21.

The bill appropriates at least $10 billion, with some $2 billion earmarked for the CIA, according to unofficial estimates.

In keeping with congressional prohibitions, it included no direct military aid to the CIA-backed contras , who are fighting the Marxist Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

However, the bill provided money for radios, trucks and other military support equipment for the contras .

Supporter Richard Cheney (R-Wyo.) said he was voting for the bill "with reluctance," because it did not go far enough in helping the contras battle "the expansion of communism close to home."

Opponent Ted Weiss (D-N.Y.) said the bill takes the United States "closer and closer to direct military involvement" in Nicaragua.

Members voting yes supported the bill.

How They Voted

Yea Nay No vote Rep. Anderson (D) x Rep. Dornan (R) x Rep. Dymally (D) x Rep. Lungren (R) x

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