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Supreme Court Campaign

December 08, 1985

California Supreme Court Chief Justice Rose Bird and her vote-alike fellow Justices Joseph Grodin, Cruz Reynoso, and Stanley Mosk, are handing down decisions which endanger every law-abiding citizen.

They have totally disregarded the will of the people and have abused their power as justices by refusing to enforce the death penalty in 36 out of 39 cases.

The three death penalty cases which were not overturned by the Rose Bird Court are still up for appeal and NO executions are scheduled. Rose Bird herself has voted against the death penalty in every case!

The Bird Court has chosen to punish honest taxpayers while allowing dangerous killers to escape justice.

Bird voted to invalidate Proposition 13 as soon as it was passed by an overwhelming 66% of the people.

Although she failed in that attempt, together with Grodin, Reynoso, and Mosk, she has undermined many of the most important protections which Proposition 13 gave to taxpayers.

I am a member of Californians to Defeat Rose Bird, an 80,000-member citizen's organization led by Howard Jarvis, Sen. Ed Davis, Paul Gann, and State Rep. Ross Johnson.

We are organizing concerned citizens throughout California to work for the defeat of Bird, Grodin, Reynoso and Mosk in next year's election.

I strongly urge all of my fellow Newhall area residents to join with us in this important campaign for justice.



Editor's Note: The Times has received 2,230 of these signed, identically worded computer-printout letters, which were individualized to identify the name and town of the sender.

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