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Developments in Nicaragua

December 18, 1985

Doyle McManus' article (Dec. 6) quotes Asst. Secretary of State Elliot Abrams:

"But we now believe they (the Cubans) are assuming an increased command role in combat tactics."

Yes, Abrams "believes," (he has no proof) and wants Congress to approve larger funds to help the contras topple the Nicaraguan government.

President Reagan rejects peace efforts with Russia because of its military operations in Afghanistan. Russia does it openly and our government does it covertly in Nicaragua.

The covert operations will not succeed and will lead to open warfare; not only in Nicaragua but also with Cuba and any other Latin American country that does not reject communism.

Will Congress avoid a repetition of the Vietnam quagmire by rejecting Abram's request for greater military funding? To date, I have no reason to be optimistic.


North Hollywood

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