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Prep Football History : Championship CIF Playoffs 1985

December 19, 1985

Palos Verdes (2-A)

Santa Clara (1-A)

Needles (Small Schools)

1964 St. Francis (3-A)

San Marino (2-A)

Coachella (1-A)

Rim of the World (Small Schools)

1963 St. Francis (3-A)

Brea-Olinda (2-A)

Santa Clara (1-A)

Lutheran (Small Schools)

1962 South Pasadena (3-A)

Fermin Lasuen (2-A)

Brea-Olinda (1-A)

Needles (Small Schools)

1961 Santa Ana Valley (3-A)

Bishop Amat (2-A)

Brea-Olinda (1-A)

Holtville (Small Schools)

1960 El Rancho (3-A)

Mater Dei (2-A)

San Luis Obispo (1-A)

(tie) Servite, Sta. Ynez (SS)

1959 San Diego (3-A)

South Pasadena (2-A)

Brea-Olinda (1-A)

Ramona-San Diego (SS)

1958 Claremont (2-A)

Ramona-San Diego (1-A)

1957 San Marino (Northern)

Mater Dei (Southern)

Bishop (Small Schools)

1956 Mater Dei (Northern)

Claremont (Southern)

1955 San Marino (Northern)

Brawley (Southern)

1954 Hawthorne (Northern)

Chula Vista (Southern)

1953 Paso Robles (Northern)

Chula Vista (Southern)

1952 Paso Robles (Northern)

Brawley (Southern)

1951 (tie) Paso Robles, Ventura (No.)

Brawley (Southern)

1950 Santa Paula (Northern)

San Dieguito (Southern)

1949 Boulder City, Nev. (Northern)

Point Loma (Southern)

1948 Chino (Central)

Tustin (Southern)

Santa Paula (Northern)

1947 San Luis Obispo (Northern)

El Centro (Southern)

1946 Laguna Beach (Central)

Central-El Centro (Southern)

1945 Downey


1944 San Diego

Santa Ana



1943 no playoffs/World War II

1942 Bonita (Central)

1941 no playoffs--World War II

1940 Anaheim (Central)

1939 Hemet (Eastern)

Covina (B)

1935 Glendale (Lightweight)

Huntington Beach (Minor)

Claremont (Minor)

1933 Colton (Northern)

Colton (Minor)

1932 Excelsior (Northern)

Muir (Lightweight)

1931 Colton (Northern)

1930 El Monte (Northern)

1929 Orange (Minor)

San Diego (B)

1928 Oxnard (Minor)

1927 Grossmont (Minor)

Long Beach Poly (B)

1926 Glendale (C)

1925 San Diego (Lightweight)

Glendale (B)

1924 Glendale (Lightweight)

Pasadena (B)

1923 no playoffs held

1922 Pasadena

1921 no playoffs held

1920 no playoffs held

1919 Manual Arts

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