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Hollywood : Agencies Resolve Dispute

December 19, 1985

Chip-In, an amalgamation of civic, church and social agencies formed to aid Hollywood's homeless, has resolved its differences with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce over regulations that prevented Chip-In from sponsoring a float in the Hollywood Christmas Parade on Dec. 1.

Rabbi Gilbert Kollin, president of Chip-In, said that the dispute was settled by delegations from both organizations at a meeting Monday and that Chip-In plans to enter a float in next year's parade.

Chip-In officials were enraged in November when the chamber's parade committee rejected the organization's float application.

Parade committee participants said that Chip-In did not comply with parade qualifications, but Chip-In leaders accused the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce of rejecting the application because of disagreements with Chip-In's efforts to help the homeless.

Kollin said that representatives from Chip-In and the chamber will meet Jan. 22 to discuss ways to resolve any disagreements over aid to the homeless.

Chip-In helped organize an evening feeding program for the poor at the Salvation Army and is seeking to buy a hotel to set up a housing program.

Chamber of Commerce leaders have criticized the group's programs because they operate in Hollywood's business district.

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