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Identity of Baby Abandoned in Car Remains a Mystery

December 28, 1985|SEBASTIAN DORTCH | Times Staff Writer

ESCONDIDO — Police investigators continued their search Friday for the parents of an infant found abandoned in the back seat of a car, officials said.

The girl, believed to be no more than 4 days old, was discovered by a minister after he arrived home from visits to the Palomar Hospital and his church office.

The Rev. Charles Keturakat, senior pastor at Grace Lutheran Church here, said that his daughter discovered the sleeping baby, which was covered with a blanket.

Police said that since Keturakat was not sure whether the child was abandoned at the hospital or the church, investigations have taken place in both areas. Neighbors were also being questioned.

The baby has been placed in a North County foster home where she will remain for about a month, county officials said. If police investigations fail to discover the parents' whereabouts, the child will be placed for adoption.

Escondido Police Sgt. Jerry Ford said that police are hopeful that someone will call with information leading to the child's parents, but he admits, "We don't have much to go on right now. We just have to kind of beat the bushes a little bit and hope to get lucky."

Photographs of the child's clothing and blanket will be used to assist in the investigation, Detective Donald Muren said.

"We're investigating it as any other crime," Muren said. "You just can't dump a kid in a car."

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