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Clipper Management Should Give Coaches an Escapegoat Clause

December 28, 1985

How thoughtful of the Clippers' management to give Coach Don Chaney a second chance to turn the team around. But, I've got a better idea. Why not give themselves three games to turn around their pitiful performance of the last six months. Perhaps they could:

--Learn how to draft with an eye toward improving the team.

--Negotiate a player's contract without humiliating him and embarrassing themselves.

--Find a way to inspire loyalty and respect.

--Put more than 4,500 fans in the Sports Arena.

--Hold on to quality players instead of driving them away.

--Keep the same coach and starting five for more than half a season.

--Get a mascot that doesn't look like Mr. Potatohead.

And if management can't show improvement in any of the above, then they should fire themselves. Frankly, I don't know if Chaney is a good coach or not. But I do know that, year after year, the Clippers are one of the worst managed teams in professional sports.


Santa Monica

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