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'Victims Still Suffer'

December 29, 1985

W. H. Suter's letter, "A Breather for Manville" (Nov. 10) contained a massive misstatement of fact.

He says "the bankruptcy proceedings have given breathing space to Manville and its insurers" and "The result has been . . . a pool of funds for (the) claimants."

Manville's bankruptcy said to the diseased and dying plaintiffs, in effect, "Talk to our insurers or talk to the wall, but don't talk to us--we don't legally exist anymore." What Manville sought was escape from its liabilities.

Also at that time, the industry's insurers were working hard to convince the courts that Manville wasn't entitled to any more coverage, so the victims weren't entitled to any more insurance money.

Only continued pressure by plaintiffs' attorneys brought about the tentative creation of a pool that may aid present and future claimants.

Meanwhile, the victims continue to suffer medically and their families financially from the ghastly effects of their lung diseases.



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