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Los Angeles' School Achievement Test Scores

December 29, 1985

These are results of the California Assessment Program test for third, sixth and eighth grades.

The test, given each spring, measures basic reading, writing and math skills. This year, the eighth-grade test also covered social studies, abbreviated as SS in scores.

The exam is intended to give educators and parents a picture of how well their school is teaching those skills in comparison to other schools. Students do not receive individual scores.

This is how to read the scores:

Schools are listed alphabetically by district. The scores are scaled between 100 and over 400 and may be compared with district and state averages. If the sixth grade at your school scored 240 in reading, and the district average is 219, children at your school are scoring better than those at other schools in the district.

In general, a fluctuation of 10 points or less should not cause alarm, although state education officials say that the margin of error varies depending upon the size of the school.

Dashes indicate that tests were not given or that scores were not available. Only two years of eighth-grade scores are given because the eighth-grade testing began last year.

Today's Valley Edition contains scores for the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, Simi and Conejo valleys, Burbank and Ventura County. For a look at what the scores mean to three schools, see Page 6.

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